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TPE. PP (Polypropylene)


A well-known manufacturer of machines for physiotherapy, aesthetic and veterinary treatments. contacts Plastic 85, s.l. for the production of their new Passive Board for their radiofrequency devices, since with the current supplier they did not achieve the desired quality.

It is an equipment that combines radiofrequency technology and ultrasounds, indicated for body contouring and facial rejuvenation. These two technologies have been combined to offer a three-dimensional pressure on the fatty tissue and, therefore, better results.

To ensure that the product meets the customer’s requirements, a Triple injection with insert assembly has been chosen.

  • First of all, the bond is injected in PP. (polypropylene). Then this piece is taken to another mold where it overinjects the tail in which wires are passed through.

  • Once the overinjection is done, the ground contact sheet is installed, a coaxial cable is installed and at its end it is fixed to a Binder.

  • This whole assembly is again overinjected to make the final frame of the piece.Todo este conjunto es de nuevo sobreinyectado para realizar el Marco final de la pieza.

Despite the complexity of the piece, the customer was able to verify that the pieces met the quality standards and the level of service by Plastic 85, s.l. guarantees that there are no stock breacks in their warehouses.

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