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Plastic injection

Plastic 85 is a specialist company in the plastic injection to order. Our firm commitment to quality -both in production and in service- constitutes an express guarantee for companies that trust us, companies of multiple sectors and with very varied needs to which we can always give them the answer they need.

“Our policy is based on the efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction, objectives that are supported that are endorsed by a long trajectory of more than 35 years of experience.”

Advantages of outsourcing

the production with Plastic 85

More and more companies take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing stages of the production process, relying on a partner like Plastic 85 … Do you want to know why?


For efficiency and effectiveness

Our company is specialized in a very concrete stage of the production. This allows us to refine the work on a progressive and continued, reducing costs and optimizing the results.

There is no more advantage than efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness.


For reduction of costs and risks

Your company should invest continuously so that the infrastructure remains modern and current, many times before amortizing the equipment. However, our high level of productivity makes it viable that we always have the latest technology.


For flexibility, that is to say competitiveness

With Plastic 85 you can opt for a fixed supply of pieces or request our service on a timely basis every time you need it.

This flexibility of the service helps you to improve the competitiveness of your company.

Do you want to know more about Plastic 85?

Certified quality
Our full service has provided peace of mind to our customers for more than 35 years.