Our main activity is the thermoplastic injection and the service of plastic pieces production for the companies. Parallel to this activity, we can also take care of phases related to the project.

Our full service provides calmness to our customers for over 30 years.

Thermoplastic Injections

inyeccion termoplasticos plastic85

Once we have the molds, we proceed to inject with the latest generation machines equipped with all the necessary peripherials to guarantee the quality standards that are required.

Currently, automation cells are being incorporated to give response to the demands of our clients.

Design of the piece

montaje de piezas de plastico

We know that the design of the piece is a very particular work and that a many customers choose to take care of this task personally, or in collaboration with their engineering office.

However, if the geometry and/or complexity of the piece is not high, in Plastic85 we have a specialized software for the generation of 3D files, with the one we can give support during the process of design.

Rapid prototype

Prototipado rapido - Plastic85

Due to the high cost of the molds, Plastic85 always recommends to its customers to make the prototypes before commissing them. This allows validating geometries and checking interferences in its joint. This technology is growing very quickly, so that there are more and more materials and better processes.

In Plastic85 we have specialized partners in this function, with which we advice our clients about which one is the best technology to perform their prototypes.

Construction of molds

Once the geometry of the piece has been stablished -and depending on the quantity of the pieces that are required-, a mold with the number of optimal cavities is dimensioned, so it can meet the requirement of quality and durability required by the customer. In Plastic85 we have several partners, which allows us to offer always to our clients the most convenients relationship quality-price for the project.

Construccion de moldes - Plastic85

Finishes and Assemblies

If the piece requires it, we can take care of the later finishes to deliver the finished piece, such as serigraphy, tampoprint, painted, chromed, metallic vacuum, or, if required, small assemblies of subgroups.

Acabados y montajes - Plastic85